Multifaceted. What better way to describe a bookkeeper?

The Oxford Dictionary lists this adjective as meaning, “ to have many different aspects or features”, summing up the true nature of bookkeepers and the many different skills and knowledge we have available to effectively support small business owners.

The bookkeeping profession as a whole has changed in recent years with advances in technology such as automated receipt capture. It has created an opportunity for many bookkeepers to expand their services by offering help with everything from start-up planning to completion of year end accounts.

As the start of the new tax year arrives, we’ll be drawing on our many facets of knowledge to help prepare our clients for a raft of new changes from increases to the National Minimum Wage and Pension Contributions to a host of new payslip requirements.

These small but hugely important compliance formalities are where bookkeepers can really help small businesses with those everyday tasks that can easily slip through the net resulting in fines and frustration, but with a trusty gem of a bookkeeper at the helm, all roads are sure to lead to small business eutopia.

Taken from our Grow East Devon Magazine Article, April 2019.

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