Making Tax Digital (MTD) Road Map

We want to help small business owners understand the changes that are coming their way on 1st April 2019 and simplify the vast array of often contradictory guidance being provided. As part of our mission to demystify MTD we have created a Making Tax Digital Road Map to help you on your travels to MTD utopia.

We recommend our Making Tax Digital Road Map for businesses who have received a letter or email from HMRC telling them they are eligible to join the MTD pilot and are considering their next steps.

Key questions before using this guide

  1. Have you received a letter from HMRC?
  2. Are your behind with you VAT returns or have you received a VAT Surcharge in the last 24 months?
  3. Are you a deferred organisation? Check the list on the HMRC website here

If you can answer yes to the first question and no to the second and third, this guide is for you! Even if you can’t, this guide is also helpful for providing an insight into your requirements and what to expect from Making Tax Digital (MTD) in the coming months.

Making Tax Digital Road Map