How can FinTech help your Small Business?

FinTech, or Financial Technology to give it it’s full name, is big news in the bookkeeping industry. Huge growth and innovation in this area has prompted software providers to develop platforms not only for facilitating record keeping, but as a complete virtual toolbox for running a small business.

Apps are a key part of this toolbox assisting with the streamlining of small business processes and the reduction of paper-based systems resulting in huge environmental benefits and a time saving opportunity. Integration of cherry-picked apps allows businesses to look for ways to improve productivity and drive growth through automation, challenging current systems and facing the fear of change for the better.

The right eco system of apps is invaluable for small business owners who may simply want to keep better accounting records using data capture software, record mileage on the go or automate payment collection using integrated gateways; reducing the administrative burden and bringing focus back to the core aspect of managing the business.

A good software set up is central to fully reaping the rewards of app automation and this is where a Bookkeeper with certified advisor status for your preferred software can help. Experts in their field, they will talk to you about your businesses processes, provide guidance on the best apps and facilitate one-to-one training to help you fully utilise the power of FinTech for the benefit of your business.

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