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A cookie is a set of data which asks permission to be placed on an individual’s computer hard drive.

When individuals agree to the use of cookies via a ‘cookie notice’, a small file is saved on their computer to help perform such functions as ‘remembering’ preferences and analysing non-specific information.

Cookies do not collect any personal information unless it is personal information which individuals have knowingly and explicitly consented to provide.

Cookies used on our website track non-specific visitor data, they are implemented and controlled by WordPress and Jetpack with further information on the types of cookies in use and the type of information they track, found here.

Individuals may choose to accept or decline the use of cookies on their computer by amending their settings using our GDPR cookie bar. This can be found at the bottom of our web pages and on clicking the settings link provided, users can view details regarding the cookies in use on our website.


This information is provided in sections – ‘Strictly Necessary Cookies’ and ‘Third Party Cookies’.


On clicking on the relevant section, users can set their consent level by using the slider button to accept or decline the use of these cookies.


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Incognito Window

Visitors may also view our website through the use of their chosen web browsers incognito window.


Declining the use of Cookies

Please note that declining the use of cookies may cause some parts of our website not to function correctly or render content unavailable due to the integral features such declined cookies control.

This cookie policy is effective from 25/05/2018.

Updated: 17/09/2018